Access, View and Control Remote Desktops from Your Mobile Device

Remote Ripple is a mobile client for VNC remote desktops from the developers of TightVNC.

It allows you to access, view and control your VNC desktop remotely, just as if you were sitting in front of that remote PC, Mac or Unix system. It’s a VNC client so it can connect to any type of VNC server. It works even with Apple Remote Desktop as found in Mac OS X.

Remote Ripple for Android

Fast VNC viewer for Android phones and tablets provides secure connection using built-in SSH tunneling

Remote Ripple for iOS

Control your remote desktops comfortably right from your iPhone or iPad with a unique mouse emulator “Mouse Tool”

Remote Ripple for macOS

Connect to any VNC-compatible remote desktop right from your Mac. Remote Ripple for macOS supports multiple simultaneous connections

Remote Ripple is developed based on our RemoteCoreSDK, which is a convenient framework for creating your own software with VNC viewer functionality. RemoteCoreSDK is available for licensing on various terms and prices. Check it out by yourself or write to us at