Remote Ripple is a Free VNC Viewer Best Working for Personal Use

Remote Ripple is a new generation TightVNC Viewer developed by the same creators (GlavSoft). It is used for accessing remote PCs from mobile and desktop, and it is free even for commercial use.

Remote Ripple for Windows vs for Mobile

Remote Ripple is cross-platform software, it allows you to remote desktops from any convenient device, including Mac, Android phones, iPhone, and iPad. This simple handy viewer is compatible with any VNC-based software.

Remote Ripple enables to access remote computers via direct connection based on VNC-protocol. All you need to remote PCs is a VNC-type server (TightVNC Server is the best match).

Remote Ripple for Windows: What’s inside

  • clipboard exchange — to transmit text from one PC to another,
  • file transfer — to exchange files with a remote PC,
  • saving the data for the last 10 started remote access sessions.

You can see the history of changes in Change Log for Windows.

Remote Ripple for Mobile: What’s inside

On mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, and iPad, you can use the advantages of the unique MouseTool emulator — to control a remote PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Remote Ripple vs TightVNC: How They Differ

Remote Ripple was developed to be new generation TightVNC. Remote Ripple is based on TightVNC technology, and both viewers are compatible with VNC-servers such as TIghtVNC Server.

However, Remote Ripple has a number of differences. Unlike its predecessor, it has versions for several platforms, the interface is more modern, Remote Ripple has far more useful features listed above, and it’s easier to configure.

Remote Core SDK logo

You Can Integrate Remote Ripple Functionality into Your Own Software

If you need to customize Remote Ripple (e.g. add your company logo), or you need Remote Ripple as a component to be integrated into your application, the best choice is Remote Core SDK. This is a developer tool, based on which Remote Ripple, TightVNC and other Viewers were created by the Remote Ripple team (GlavSoft).

Visit the site for details

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